2017 Wrap-Up On Carpet Trends

| 10/10/2017

2017 saw a comeback for rugs and carpets in Canadian homes. Although bare wood floors have been popular for some time, more people have been discovering what a carpet or rug can do for the colour and unity of a room’s look. With new styles and techniques in the making of carpets and rugs, there’s now more to choose from than ever and people have been figuring out how to express their own unique style through the carpet.

At Babayan’s, we’re a trusted name for carpet steam cleaning, rug cleaning, and oriental rug cleaning in Toronto, so we know a thing or two about carpets and rugs. Here are just a few of the carpet trends we saw in the last year:

Rugs Made of Carpet Tiles
We like this style because it combines style and function so well. By attaching many different, smaller squares of carpet together to make a larger rug, you can customize as much as you want. Matching different patterns for a bold look or keeping it subdued are both easy. What’s more, if there’s a spill, you don’t have to replace the whole carpet. Just replace the stained panel and your rug is as good as new.

Twist (or Frieze) Carpets
We’ve been seeing a growing interest in the twist, or frieze rug lately, as opposed to the shag variety. Whereas shag carpets have fibres that are a little longer and tend to catch dirt a little easier, the fibres in twist rugs are (as the name might have given away) twisted a little more than the shag. This makes them shorter, tougher, and more capable of standing up to heavier foot traffic. As an added benefit, they’re much easier to clean.

Recycled Materials
Of course, this trend isn’t unique to carpets and rugs. Recycled materials are getting better and cheaper all the time and it shows no signs of slowing down. In terms of carpets and rugs, the sky is the limit these days. Now you can get pretty much any style, colour, and size of rug made exclusively of recycled materials.

Bold Colours and Textures for Floor Carpeting
When people in 2017 chose to fully carpet a room, they often chose to go bold. Strong, vibrant colours and complex, eye-catching patterns and textures made a big impact this year. The days of beige are apparently over, with people opting to have the carpet stand out rather than blend in.

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