5 Reasons why your carpet is rippling

| 14/11/2019

Professionally installed carpets can add a touch of elegance and warmth to any home. But when a ripple appears, it can quickly become the unfortunate focal point of a room. Wrinkles appear for several reasons, from installation issues to improper use of DIY carpet cleaners. Keep reading to learn the five most common reasons a carpet might wrinkle.

1. Incorrect installation
The most common cause of carpet wrinkling is incorrect installation. Part of the installation process involves thoroughly stretching the carpet to fit your room and ensure it maintains tension over the years. Carpet installers looking to cut corners, and inexperienced DIYers may not stretch the carpet enough during installation.

2. Wrong padding
The thickness, density, and quality of the padding installed underneath your carpet influence its appearance and ability to hold tension. If the underlying pad is too thick, the tack strip won’t be able to hold the carpet in place and, over time, the tension that keeps your carpet flat will be lost, and ripples and wrinkles will develop.

3. Inferior quality
Using low-quality padding or carpet may seem like a good way to save money, but it’s unlikely to give you a beautiful and long-lasting carpet. The result is a carpet with a shorter lifespan that’s prone to wrinkling and wear. Take the amount of foot traffic and your replacement plans into consideration when outlining your budget.

4. Heavy use
Your carpet may also wrinkle if you’ve selected lower grade carpet that wasn’t designed to handle heavy traffic. Heavy traffic could include things like high-activity kids or pets, or frequently dragging heavy objects like furniture, office chairs, wheelchairs or strollers across the carpet. Having appliances delivered could also result in a sizeable carpet wrinkle if the delivery people rolled your new appliances into your home and across your carpet on a hand truck.

5. Moisture and humidity
Moisture can destroy even the best carpet and padding. If leaking water or excess humidity seeps into the padding, the result can be a carpet that’s lost its stretch and is prone to wrinkles. To avoid this, always leave your carpet cleaning to professional carpet cleaners. DIYers may inadvertently over-wet their carpet, which can result in mould and mildew as well as wrinkling.

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