7 Reasons you should have your carpets cleaned annually

| 13/06/2019

A soft carpet perfectly matched to your home’s interior decor is one of the most popular design elements in the world. But without the help of professional carpet cleaners, not only will your carpet not last as long as it should, but it could also be a threat to your health. Keep reading for seven reasons why you should have your carpets cleaned at least once a year.

1. Decrease indoor air pollution
The air we breathe is filled with tiny particles of dust, pollen, bacteria and a host of other allergens. Inevitably, some of these particles will settle on your furniture, upholstery and carpeting.

2. Stop mould and bacteria from spreading
Even if you vacuum your carpets on a daily basis, a small amount of dirt and microorganisms will be left behind. When you add moisture or humidity to the mix, you could end up with health-harming mould and bacteria deep within the fibres of your carpet.

3. You have pets
Pet owners should have their carpets cleaned more regularly to reduce the amount of dander and fur that accumulates in the carpet’s fibres.

4. You have small children
Keeping your carpets clean is essential if you have very young children at home. They may drop a toy on the ground and think nothing of putting that same toy in their mouth. This is why you need to be vigilant about keeping your carpets as clean as possible.

5. To protect your health
Poor air quality inside the home can cause a range of health issues from congestion, to throat irritation, dizziness, headaches and sleep impairment. This is especially true for asthma or allergy sufferers.

6. Your carpets will look better
Annual carpet cleaning is the best way to eliminate stains, make colours look brighter, and bring out the natural beauty of your carpet.

7. Your carpet will last longer
Regular cleanings can help to prolong the life of your carpet by eliminating staining and reducing the effects of uneven wear and discolouration.

If you’re starting to notice unpleasant odours in your home, or if you or one of your loved ones is experiencing more frequent allergy or asthma attacks, reach out to the professional carpet cleaners at Babayan’s Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning without delay.

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