Are Your Rugs Putting Your Safety at Risk? A Word of Caution from Your Rug Repair and Cleaning Company

| 03/03/2018

Hardwood and tile floors have grown in popularity amongst homeowners. They are easy to clean and maintain, especially if you have smaller children or pets. Instead of carpet, you may choose to place area rugs around your home. Rugs can create a

feeling of warmth in your space and add a decorative touch to any room. However, a rug that is laying on a hard surface, can easily slip out as you walk over it.

As a result, damaged and unsecured rugs are an environmental hazard that poses an increased risk to older adults. Unfortunately, these accidents are common and seniors are more vulnerable to serious injuries from tripping or falling over a rug. Luckily, there are several modifications you can make around your home to help significantly decrease the chance of a fall-related injury.

4 Ways to Prevent Slips, Trips, and Falls Around Your Rugs

Injuries related to falls, slips, and trips over rugs and carpets are avoidable yet fill up hospital emergency rooms every day. With a few simple tricks, learn how you can reduce the risk of these accidents from occurring:

1. Non-slip Backing: Purchase rugs that come with non-slip backing or padding. If the rug does not feature a non-slip back, you can make your own. All the materials you need are a hot glue gun and rug of your choice. Flip the rug over and glue long even lines down the reverse side. Once the glue is dry, turn the rug back onto its front and it will no longer slip or slide. If you don’t have access to a hot glue gun, you can use double-sided tape or place a rubber mat underneath your rug to prevent shuffling.

2. Remove Old Rugs: Are your rugs showing signs of wear and tear? Are the edges beginning to curl? Are they beginning to bunch up or slide as you walk over them? If you answered yes to any of these questions, it may be time to get rid of those old rugs.
Furthermore, while decorative and beautiful, avoid purchasing small throw rugs that are generally more susceptible to damage.

3. Floor Surfaces: Pay attention to where you place rugs throughout your home. Floor mats in hallways and bath rugs are associated with an increased risk of falls. Ensure that all rugs lie flat against your floor and avoid laying rugs on top of uneven surfaces.

4. Install Proper Lighting: Tailor the lighting in your home to your specific needs. Adjustable light switches allow you to increase or decrease illumination levels according to your comfort level. This will help you move freely around your home, while
helping you identify and avoid any potential hazards on the floor.

How a Professional Rug and Carpet Cleaning Service can Help

Even if it is a matter of safety, you may have an old rug lying around your house that has sentimental value or you simply don’t want to throw it away. Fortunately, if you bring your damaged rug to Babayan’s, you and your precious floor covering won’t have to part ways. Our professional rug repair experts in Toronto can help you fully restore your rugs to their former glory and advise you on how to create a safe home environment.

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