Avoiding Uneven Damage to Your Oriental Rug

| 09/10/2016

A well-made Oriental rug is a thing of beauty. It’s an investment that can last for many generations, if properly cared for. Although quality Oriental rugs are built to be sturdy, even the strongest can be susceptible to uneven wear, which can significantly reduce its overall value.

To preserve the beauty of your investment and extend its life, there are several things you can do to ensure your Oriental rug is properly taken care of and wearing evenly. Here’s what to look out for:

Damage from Sunlight

To avoid uneven damage from prolonged exposure to sunlight, you can periodically rotate your rug end-to-end. This allows any spots normally in shadow to receive the same amount of exposure as the rest of the rug. To prevent fading altogether, it’s best to keep your rug out of direct sunlight or close your curtains when direct sunlight is shining through the window onto the rug.

Damage from Regular Foot Traffic

If you choose to keep your Oriental rug on the floor instead of on a hanging display, regular foot traffic will wear down the fibres over time. Having only a part of the rug exposed to foot traffic if, for instance, the rest of the rug is underneath a table, will cause uneven wear. Moving the rug to a different location or regular end-to-end rotation of the rug can prevent this.

Pet Damage

Foot traffic doesn’t just come from people. If you have a dog, and your Oriental rug is laid out by a sliding-glass door, you may start to see a worn strip down the middle or one side from the dog pacing back and forth. In that situation, it’s best to remove the rug from the area altogether.

Pet damage can also occur if your dog decides to chew the edges of your rug, or your cat enjoys sharpening its claws on the thick wool surface. For chewing, you can line the edges of the rug with mild yet bitter-flavored moth flakes. Just one taste will put your dog off rugs for life. It’s a bit harder with cats, which may need more stringent discouragement – a spray bottle with water might do the trick.

Love Your Rug and It Will Serve You Well

High-quality Oriental rugs are beautiful, exotic, and often rare. It only makes sense for you to give it the same treatment you would a prized vase or expensive car. Oriental rugs are not just a piece of art – they can be an heirloom. If you take good care of your rug, your family will be able to enjoy it for generations to come. Call Babayan’s to have your Oriental rugs professionally cleaned.

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