Caring for Your Persian Rug

| 10/09/2016

Persian carpets and throw rugs can transform a room, but they are in a vulnerable position on the floor. Daily foot traffic, spills and natural wear and tear make it common for these carpets to need professional cleaning or repair at some point in their long life. While turning to the professionals is always a good idea, there are some things you can do yourself to increase the longevity and appearance of your Persian or Oriental rug.

Tips to Care for Your Persian or Oriental Rug

Many handcrafted Persian and Oriental carpets are made with high-quality materials and craftsmanship. With proper care and attention, you can get a lifetime out of your rug. Here are some tips to care for your carpet:

Prevent sun damage – Sun damage may occur after long exposure to direct sunlight, causing your rug to fade or discolour. Eliminate this damage by locating your rug in an area out of the sun’s rays, or limit the damage by rotating the rug.

Vacuum regularly – Regular vacuuming will keep your rug clean and help the natural fibers from becoming packed down over time. Do not vacuum the fringes or use a beater brush, but vacuum both sides of the rug to remove most of the dust and debris.

Keep fringes straight
– Flip the edge of the rug over, bringing it to the other end of the rug so that it is upside down. Shake it gently to straighten and untwist the fringes. Do not use a comb; it may damage the fibers.

Clean spills
 – Do not wait for stains to set; quickly clean any spills that occur using paper towel or cotton cloth and water. Avoid using soaps or bleach which may cause more damage.

Have your rug professionally cleaned – 
Having your Oriental or Persian rug cleaned professionally will ensure it is thoroughly cleaned and any aging is addressed. Professional carpet cleaning will keep it looking beautiful and maintain its overall value.

Where Can You Get a Rug Repaired in Toronto?

For Oriental or Persian rugs, professional rug repair or cleaning is critical, considering the delicate craftsmanship, investment and family sentiment that many of these rugs carry. Choose carpet cleaning experts in Toronto who know how to properly care for your Persian or Oriental rug. Babayan’s offers rug repair, stain removal and carpet cleaning. Our team knows how to best treat your throw rugs, Oriental rugs and Persian rugs.

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