Carpet That Works: Choosing a Style for Your Rental or Commercial Space

| 27/06/2017

When you select carpeting for your own home, the power is in your hands. You can decide on the color and style you like. You can make up the rules—leave your shoes at the door, only eat in the dining room—to keep that carpet stain-free and make it last. However, you lose some control when you choose flooring for your office building or rental. Despite personal preference, you need a carpet that attracts potential customers or tenants. Your flooring must endure a morning coffee spill or dozens of people attending a party. And, of course, you need to reduce costs, both on your initial purchase and regular maintenance. Take back control. If you choose the right carpet in the first place, you can save money and still have an office or rental unit you are proud of.

Use these suggestions to find a carpet that holds up against a lot of visitors and complements your rental or commercial building:


We know that, above all else, you want your carpet to last. A cheaper bill doesn’t mean much if you have to pay for constant cleaning or replacement after a few years.

To know what makes your carpet more durable, you should understand how manufacturers construct carpet. The “pile” is the tufts of yarn that make up the surface of your carpet. The backing holds the pile in place. Certain constructions will be better for your situation, so consider these factors.

  • Carpet fibre: For your carpet’s material, choose nylon. It endures higher levels of foot traffic and will last longer. Nylon is absorbent and thus more prone to stains, so you’ll want to choose solution-dyed yarn or use a stain treatment on the material.

Olefin costs less upfront but isn’t as strong as nylon, so you will have to replace it sooner. Olefin may be stain-resistant, but it soils easy, meaning that dirt and other filth builds up on top of the surface.

  • Carpet Construction: Loop carpet is the best choice for commercial purposes. The fibres loop through the backing to make the carpet more resilient to foot traffic. Many consider cut-pile carpet, where the loops are cut to make the carpet softer, to be more luxurious. That construction can still work with the right specifications, as explained below.
  • Pile height and density: Here’s where carpet options get a bit more complicated. Look at the specifications of your selection. The yarn in commercial carpets should be short and tight together so it can endure a lot of tread. Especially if you decide on cut-pile carpet, choose a product with a small pile height and high density.

You can mix up carpet types with less expensive products for your low-traffic areas. But remember that quality pays off in the end.


How many times have you walked into a public area, like a hotel or casino, and thought about how ugly or busy the carpet is? First impressions matter and your carpet plays a part in making your business look impressive.

Find a balance between a carpet style that lasts and looks good.

Start by choosing a practical color for your space. If you have high-traffic areas, light shades will only accentuate dirt and wear. But dark shades could show lint or sand, depending on the area you live in. Stay away from white, ivory, black, or grey. Consider instead brown, tan, or rust.

Although you can hide soil better with a patterned carpet, remember that it’s more difficult to match with furniture and accessories in your building. Try heathered carpet, which mixes yarns of different colors, or add some personality with a rug instead. If you do decide on a pattern, keep it simple.

When you buy and prepare to install your carpet, round up your measurements so you don’t end up short. Even a great color and style can’t help carpet that doesn’t fill the entire space it’s supposed to.

Ease of Maintenance

The right construction, color, and style should make your carpet easier to maintain. Make sure to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines or ask your supplier for advice. Take precautions to make cleaning simple when that time comes. One option is to invest in carpet tiles. Carpet tiles attach either loop or cut-pile carpet to a rubber backing. Can’t remove a red wine stain from the holiday party? You don’t have to replace carpet in the entire room; just replace the single section that’s been stained or worn. You will pay more for carpet piles, but they give you more functionality in return.

No matter what type of carpet you purchase, have a professional clean your carpet regularly and inspect for potential wear or damage. You care about every aspect of your business. Why not care about what goes under your employees’ or tenants’ feet? Consider these factors when you buy carpet for your commercial or rental property. You’ll impress both employees and customers and save your money for where it counts most.

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