Choosing an Elegant Rug for Your Bedroom

| 03/10/2016

No matter which furnishings you have, you need to make sure the pieces you own work together to improve the aesthetics of your room. One of the greatest ways to connect the look of your furnishings is with an area rug.

An area rug can define a space and enhance your décor. When used correctly, it can bring balance to a room and give it a cozy appearance. Depending on the color and size, it can unite your bedroom’s current color palette while drawing attention to your more unique furnishings.

But how should you go about choosing which rug and deciding where to put it? Below are some helpful tips to consider when purchasing an area rug.

Where Are You Going to Put It?

Space plays a key role in determining a rug that’s right for you. Area rugs are more popularly used in living rooms because floor space is more abundant. In a bedroom, however, you have to carefully consider where your rug will be placed, as it will be competing for space with your bed, and possibly a nightstand or dresser.

Depending on the size of your bedroom, you may have to find a smaller area rug that will fit between your larger pieces of furniture. Conversely, you may opt for a much larger rug that fills most of the room and will slide under your furniture.

If you have a unique dresser, placing a small, understated area rug beneath it may highlight your dresser. Similarly, choosing a large, colored rug can make the patterns in your bedding stand out.

What Kind of Rug Fits Your Personality?

Whichever rug you choose, it is likely going to be a part of your bedroom for a while. Consequently, it’s best to find one that fits your current style and personality, while being flexible enough to match changes in your décor over time.

Here are few common styles of rug to consider:

Oriental: Many Asian countries weave intricate designs into their rugs. Since many of these are done by hand, no two rugs are identical in design or pattern. A true Oriental rug is an investment, as many increase in value over time.

Bordered: A bordered rug has a central color or pattern and a bordered edge. Boarders are widely varied, with some being a single color for consistency while others use a patterned edge to provide a dash of style.

Inlaid: An inlaid rug is specifically designed by you. If you wish, you can have your family crest woven into the rug for your living room, or if you want more of your personality to shine, you can have the logo of your favorite sports team woven into the rug for your media room.

Dhurrie: Made in India, these types of rugs are tightly woven. The tight weave increases the rug’s durability, so it will last for years to come.

In addition to the different designs and style options you need to consider, a number of fiber options are available that you can choose. Synthetic fibers like acrylic, polypropylene, and nylon are easy to clean and are mostly stain resistant. On the other hand, natural fibers like wool, cotton, jute, and sisal provide a softer feel. If you wish, choose a blend of fibers to get the look and feel you want.

How Much Do You Want to Spend?

When purchasing a rug for your bedroom, it’s important to consider your budget. A machine-made rug offers excellent quality for an affordable price. Handmade rugs, on the other hand, are one-of-a-kind and often use higher caliber materials, making them pricier.

If you are working on a budget, it may be a better option to go with a cheaper, machine-made rug. If you are buying a rug for a high traffic area, look for a high-quality rug, made from a more resilient material.

A rug is an investment in style. Go with the carpet you are going to enjoy the most, even if it means spending a little more.

How Are You Going to Maintain It?

Once you have chosen your rug, you will want to make sure if stays presentable. Dust and dirt gets trapped beneath and can create a dingy look. Rug maintenance is important to increase the life of the rug, and some rug materials require more maintenance than others.

If you can, flip your rug and vacuum the bottom once a month. Also, vacuuming the rug with the pile and without the beater bar will prevent fibers from fraying. Furthermore, we recommend professional cleaning of the rug. How often depends on the usage. We recommend a yearly professional cleaning. Keep in mind that carpet shampoos should not be used on rugs and some all-purpose cleaners may damage your rug. If you do spill something on your rug, clean it as soon as it happens. This will help to prevent stains from deepening.

With proper care, your new rug can tie your room together and lasts a long time.

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