Decorating with a New Roommate: How to Pick the Perfect Area Rug

| 01/08/2017

An area rug can bring an entire room’s design together and create a cohesive look. When decorating with a roommate, a cohesive look is necessary because you are blending two or more style preferences into one.

Whether you are shopping at second-hand stores or looking for new items, there are ways for you and your roommate to come to an agreement on the right rug to finish your décor.

5 Simple Tips for Picking the Final Pieces of Your Decor

From arguing over colours to deciding what style of rug you want, there will be arguments, discussions, and compromises. Some tips to help the process go smoothly include:

  1. Embrace Eclectic – Most likely, you and your roommate have differing décor tastes. Instead of fighting to let one taste take over the other, embrace the eclectic design. Eclectic is all about mismatching, and it is a trend among young urbanites. Do not be afraid to pick a rug that is ornate, because it will only enhance that natural Bohemian style.
  2. Your Room is for You – When picking area rugs for your apartment, remember that you can choose a rug that suits your style for your room while compromising on the main living areas.
  3. Shop Used – A used area rug will help you save a tremendous amount of money. Plus, with the right carpet cleaning service in Toronto, you can restore an older rug to its former glory.
  4. Avoid Monochrome – Most Persian rugs are colourful and pieces of art. Therefore, you want a piece that adds character to your main living areas and is not dull. If your area rug matches the existing flooring or carpeting, you are missing out on an opportunity to create a unique design centrepiece.
  5. Start Planning with Pinterest – The online pinboard website is the perfect place to start your décor planning. Create a shared board where you both can add ideas for décor, colour profiles, and more. Then, sit down together and go over what each of you likes and dislikes.

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