Designer Draperies: Window Treatment Trends for 2015

| 27/06/2015

Whether a fashion house shows an affinity for stripes, colour blocking, or the avant-garde, designer duds and runway-ready looks tend to find their way into home décor. In many instances, runway trends perfectly translate into upholstery fabric, bedding, and window treatments.

Take Diane von Furstenberg, for example.

In her Spring 2015 collection, Diane von Furstenberg showcased black, blue, and green gingham patterns in her show. Weeks later, gingham started showing up in all different sizes, shapes, and forms, including throws, towels, wallpaper, curtains, rugs, cushions, and chairs. As of today, gingham is trending.

Diane von Furstenberg isn’t the only fashion designer who influences the interior design industry.

  • When Chanel showed its Pre-Fall 2013 collection, it wowed the fashion industry with daring tartan fabric. Soon tartan patterns and Scottish-influenced art began appearing in home design magazines.
  • In his Fall 2014 show, J.W. Anderson played with shapes and not long after, oddly-shaped vases and pots started appearing in catalogues.

The list goes on and on.

The takeaway? Fashion continues to influence interior design and home décor. Designers inspire designers and soon the masses take a cue and jump on board. Take a look at the window treatment trends—inspired by Spring 2015 Ready-to-Wear collections—of 2015.

White Linen Curtains and Christian Dior

White, black, and subtle patterns paired up to create magic in Christian Dior’s Spring 2015 Ready-to-Wear collection. The principal designer—Raf Simons—created unique 2001: A Space Odyssey silhouettes, knocked boots and infused the clothes with a clinical white shade that expresses nothing but futurism.

The entire showing wowed audiences and inspired the now-popular white linen trend in current décor magazines. Homeowners and interior designers use white linen curtains and valances to create a feeling of luxury, style, and . . . futurism?

Laser-Cut Fabrics and Chanel

Chanel—best known for boxy silhouettes and constructive clothes—branched out in its Spring 2015 Ready-to-Wear collection with feminist placards, asphalt-coloured suits, lacquered pinstripes, and psychedelic splotches of colour. This collection showed the world what Chanel was made of everything. The same goes for the recently popular laser-cut fabrics often seen in window treatments. These fabrics—like the layered Chanel show—add texture and life to a window. Most laser-cut fabrics come in metallic shades and have quite a bit of beading, embroidery, and appliques.

Blacks, Bold Patterns, and Valentino

According to the fashion industry, Valentino’s Spring 2015 Ready-to-Wear collection was poetic, graceful, and beautiful. The clothing was an infusion of centuries-old designs, souvenir-like detail, and bold patterns that satisfied the eye of even the harshest fashion critic. Valentino’s bold designs and black hues have since translated into home décor. Interior designers now rely on black and bold fabric designs to make a window treatment transform the room into a poetic, graceful, and beautiful space.

Striped Draperies and Sonia Rykiel

Stripes made a major entrance in Sonia Rykiel’s Spring 2015 Ready-to-Wear collection. Stripes in every colour—black, orange, white, blue, green, and red—exhibited Rykiel’s greatest strength: an exhibit of serious fun. This mostly-striped collection included furs, bikinis, denim skirts, and army parkas. Stripes are also one of window treatments trendiest staples in 2015. Striped roman shades, striped curtains, and striped valances all help create a sense of serious fun in any indoor space.

Bright Colour and Dries Van Noten

Dries Van Noten isn’t afraid of colour. Instead, this fashion house embraces psychedelic colours that illuminate skin tones and set a dreamy mood. In its Spring 2015 Ready-to-Wear collection, Dries Van Noten used chiffon to showcase lightness and moody colours to showcase heaviness. The same goes for one of the trendiest curtain designs today. Interior designers pair bright and colourful curtains—think splashes of colour like Jackson Pollock—with dark walls and floors to create a perfect blend of lightness and heaviness.

Surprises and Céline

In a collection that included 40 looks, less than half of Céline’s Spring 2015 Ready-to-Wear looks included colour. When a look did include colour, it came as a pleasant surprise. These pleasant surprises also show up in the latest curtain trends. Some homeowners appreciate a splash of colour here and a stripe of colour there—they choose curtains that have subtle hints of colour instead of obnoxious overstatements.

Past, Present, and Altuzarra

Altuzarra knows how to perfectly pair sexy and classy. Its Spring 2014 Ready-to-Wear collection did just that: perfectly pretty dresses featured dangerously high slits. The entire collection played on the concept of “ill-fated, sinister beauty” and touched on bygone eras with modern twists. Like Altuzarra’s collection, companies design blinds that can be controlled via remote. Although blinds have been around for decades—if not longer—trendy high-tech blinds touch on a bygone era with a modern twist.

Shop around for a runway-inspired window treatment to dress up your walls. If you already have designer draperies, make sure to keep them in good shape—contact your local carpet and drapery cleaner today.

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