Does Your Carpet or Rug Shed? – Know the Right Way to Ensure Rug Cleaning

| 11/07/2017

You have spent days seeking out the perfect rug to complete your room, but now that it is in place, it has become a frustrating fixture. Your rug or carpet sheds, regularly. With that shedding comes fuzz, dust bunnies, and balls of fibers around your home. If you have wooden floors, the dust and shedding pieces are amplified; making your home look like you have not cleaned the floors in weeks. Area rugs and carpets will shed, especially with frequent use. However, there are ways to keep those rugs in fine condition and limit the shed from affecting your household cleanliness.

Determine Why the Rug is Shedding First

Before you can correct the shedding or fraying, you must first determine why your carpet is shedding. There are two main contributors: make and material.

Even high-end wool rugs will shed, especially if the wool came from sheep in lower lands. Lower land wool is coarser and of less quality, while highland sheep wool is very durable. If there are adhesives holding pieces of wool together, you will notice that your rug sheds frequently. Also, the make of the rug determines how it will shed. A handmade rug is less likely to come apart because the technique of weaving by hand ensures a tight fit. Modern, machine-assembled rugs are not as intricate; thus, they are more likely to shed.

Tips for Preventing Carpet and Rug Shedding

If your area rug is shedding, there are ways to protect it from being damaged further. You can also avoid the trouble cleaning those endless dust bunnies!

Some ways to prevent and stop shedding include:

  • Rug Pad: A high-quality rug pad absorbs shock and reduces damage to the carpet’s surface; thus, reducing shedding.
  • Vacuum Correctly: Never vacuum a rug with a heavy beater or on the lowest setting. Instead, adjust the setting to high. Also, go with the grain of the pile and never against it.
  • Rake the Rug: A specialty rug rake does not tug violently at the fine rug fibres, but it helps lift any loose fibres ready to shed; like brushing an animal’s coat.
  • Avoid Damage: Some rugs are not designed for heavy foot traffic; therefore, if the carpet is starting to shed, it is being damaged. Move it to an area with lower foot traffic.
  • Professionally Clean It: Rug cleaning in Toronto by a professional that understands the make and material is very important. While vacuuming is part of routine maintenance, you must still professionally clean rugs to prevent damage.
  • Repair the Damage Done: Excessive fraying or shedding is a sign of damage. Therefore, you will need a company, like Babayan’s, that offers rug repair in Toronto. Repairing the damage will prevent the issues from spreading.

Babayan’s can help identify why your expensive area rug is shedding, repair it if it has been damaged, and professionally clean the rug to preserve its condition for years. Whether you need Persian rug cleaning or Oriental rug repair, we can help limit shedding and make your beautiful rugs last longer.

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