Q1. Can you remove deep stains such as pet urine from carpets and rugs?

Yes we can. We use a special treatment that can remove urine stains from the fibers of your rugs and carpets. Our team of experts can remove any type of stain and you can find out more about how they do it on our stain removal page.

Q2. Do you use any chemicals in the rug cleaning process?

Yes, but they are only used for specific services when it has been assessed by our technicians to use them. We use a non-toxic whitener to recolour rug fringes that have lost their colour and we use a natural product when we remove deep stains.

During the cleaning process, we use eco-friendly natural shampoos and soaps to clean your rugs and carpets.

Q3. After my carpets have been steam cleaned, how long does it take them to dry?

The drying time is very short when using steam cleaning as a way to clean your carpets. However, certain spots might take longer to dry if they were soiled or stained more than usual and required special treatment to remove. Other factors that could affect dry time are the level of humidity inside the room, the type of carpeting that was steam cleaned and the amount of heat and air circulation in your home.

Q4. Can Babayan's fix holes in my rugs and carpets?

Yes we can. Our specialized repair technicians can use services like blocking, binding and reweaving to fix your rug. They will assess your rug or carpet and provide an estimate as to how much it will cost to fix. We also offer other repair services like fringing, spot dyeing, and underpadding.

For a full list of our repair services and more info, please visit our Rug and Carpet Repair page.

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