Find Your Window Treatment Style

| 24/07/2016

Adding a bit of texture and fabric brings warmth to cold windows and makes a house feel like home. Window treatments do not simply add luxury and style to a room, they also provide function. They help to block excessive sunlight from streaming in and keep cool drafts out – helping you control the light and temperature of the room.

The difficult part is finding the right window treatment that is both timeless and suited for the style of your house. If you’ve been thinking about using drapes, valences, or blinds in your decorating, here are some options that should help you discover the perfect window treatment for you.


A valance is a decorative piece of fabric that is usually hung above a window. Valances are typically attached to a frame, creating a canopy over the window. One common area people decorate with a valance is above the kitchen sink, although you can use them above any window and in combination with blinds or drapes.

Here are some common styles of valance:

Clean and Simple
A clean and simple valance is perfect for the kitchen or bathroom. It offers a light and airy feel so it fits in nicely with a brightly designed room that has a lot of light. Try hanging fun patterns and prints from rings or hooks, or choose a bold accent colour to pull the room together. Typically a short, clean valance is best over a small window and is best when it stands alone – unless accompanied with subtle blinds. Keep the size of the window in mind when choosing textures, fabrics, colours, and patterns.

For a very small window, choose light fabrics and colours – even a simple lace. For a medium-sized window choose heavier fabrics and darker colours or more complex patterns. Just remember that the window is the focal point. A valance should offset the window, not overpower it.

This style of valance looks similar to a bed skirt. A box-pleated valance gives a room a tailored look, making it a great addition to a master bedroom or office. This kind of valance would fit well in a mid-century style home but would look great in classic and country styles also. These fabrics hang in sharp squares with a margin of depth between each “box.” This adds depth to the window it overhangs. They appear mounted, not hung, creating a sleek feel.


Add a swag to pull a cozy, casual room together. A swag is like a heavy fabric scarf that hangs over a rod. You can dress this up for a Victorian-designed room or dress it down for almost any room. These are very versatile and can be paired with shades, drapes, and blinds.


Use shades in sunlight-drenched rooms to better control the temperature and lighting.

Balloon Shade
Billowy, full-fabric balloon shades give a soft touch of elegance to any room. Use these to make a lightly-coloured bedroom feel even lighter and more comfortable. Or add a heavier textured fabric or dark colour to dress up a dining room.

Tie-Up Shade
Tie-up shades offer an inviting laid-back feeling to any room. Ribbons or cords secure the shade in a casual, unstructured way. Tie-up shades are usually made with light fabric, allowing a bit of light to shine through. Typically these are mounted, not hung, adding some structure to their flexible form. These look great in a country or contemporary style house.

Roman Shade
Roman shades are chic and luxurious. Shades are flat, clean, and usually, roll up smoothly. This is a versatile look for almost any design in almost any room but is most commonly used in contemporary designs.


Depending on the fabric, pattern and texture, drapes can provide a casual atmosphere to a room or a feeling of sumptuous elegance.

Rod-Pocket Panel Curtain
As the name states, these curtains have a pocket panel along the top of the curtain where the rod is inserted. This style of curtain is designed so that the curtain won’t move easily along the rod. Typically the curtains hang in place or are hooked off to the side and fastened through a mounted fixture on the wall. This curtain fits seamlessly in a Victorian or classic designed room.

Panel Curtains with Rings
For curtains that move with ease, choose panels with rings. This is a great way to accentuate a large window in a big open room. This window treatment looks clean and luxurious, while staying casual and comfortable. Use this style of curtain in rooms with vaulted ceilings. This versatile style will mesh well with many different designs–just choose the appropriate fabric to make it fit.

Tab-Top Panel Drapes
This style of drape looks great in a country style home. It is very clean and natural. These curtains are typically made with linen or cotton fabrics, hang flat, and have large loop tabs on top, letting them hang effortlessly from a rod iron panel. This style fits in comfortably in any home, giving it a cool, laid-back feeling.

Use these simple tips to find the perfect curtains for your home – you’re sure to find a style that suits you.

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