Flooring Trends through the Decades

| 14/05/2016

Design trends change significantly over time; in every industry from fashion to vehicles and home décor. Flooring can seem like a relatively straightforward element in a space, but over time, what is considered ‘en vogue’ has changed dramatically. Trends tend to the cycle though, so you may be surprised to find that the handmade rug handed down from your great grandmother is now a sought-after design element!

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Read below for a fun walk through the recent history of flooring fads.

Flooring Trends from 1940 until Today

It can be fun to see how far we have come or draw inspiration from prior interior design trends. Here is how your floors got to where they are today:

  • 1940 – World War II influenced lifestyles around the world and also impacted home design. Efficient and affordable materials were used, and linoleum was the material of choice for kitchens. Patriotic colours were often chosen and while colours were muted, neutral palettes were not the norm.
  • 1950 – Linoleum remained popular, and colours began to move away from ‘muted’ tones into more daring territories. Black and white tiling that is now often called ‘retro’ made its mark during the ’50s, with unique patterns and checkered arrangements making a big impact in spaces.
  • 1960 – Colour really kicked off in the ’60s, with imported rugs from India and Morocco covering floors in rich hues and intricate patterns. People weren’t shy with their flooring, and saw textures, pattern and colour as one of the best ways to add interest to their rooms. Have you inherited one of these bright pieces, but find it is past its prime? Restore its vibrant colours with maintenance or repairs done by the skilled craftsmen at Babayan’s.
  • 1970 – This decade is usually easy to spot when you enter a home. Carpeting took over as the must-have option, entering bathrooms and even the walls of some homes. Shag carpets became a popular option and added warmth, texture and strange colours to spaces across the country.
  • 1980 – Patterned vinyl flooring became a popular choice during this decade. Patterned carpet was also considered a classy way to add elegance to the home. Colourful carpets and floral vinyl are often quickly removed today, but they were considered gorgeous additions back in the 80’s.
  • 1990 – Wall-to-wall carpeting was a popular option, but the materials usually weren’t the best. That meant tough maintenance, carpet cleaning, and uncomfortable steps taken barefoot throughout the home.
  • Today – The 2000’s have ushered in a lot of new trends and concerns for homeowners choosing flooring. Natural materials that are sustainable are popular, with bamboo, reclaimed wood and stone floors making a neutral statement. Vinyl is popular as it offers the appearance of natural materials with easy maintenance, modern finishes and durability. Hardwood has persisted as a popular and classic option. Carpeting is also still a great option for flooring, especially with advanced materials and techniques that provide stain-resistance and simple maintenance.

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