Home Flooding: How to Prevent & How to Restore

| 14/08/2016

Flooding is every homeowner’s nightmare. Water damage can be tough to pinpoint and can cause a lot of damage to your belongings and the structure of your home. Recognize the main causes of flooding and get flood restoration services in Toronto as soon as you notice an issue. This will help minimize damage and keep your home and its contents safe from water damage.

Prevent Flooding in Toronto

Don’t let melting snow or spring showers find their way into your home. Keep in mind the following common causes of flooding:

Faulty foundation
– The foundation of your home should be on a sturdy, concrete pile and be constructed with the 100-year base flood elevation for your area taken into account. A proper structure will allow floodwater to flow freely under the home and allow the water-saturated ground to drain after long periods of heavy or extended rainfall.

Plumbing issues
 – Major appliances, septic tanks and burst water sources are often the cause of home floods. Leaks can be small, causing major damage to drywall and flooring over time, or occur in a major water source or big pipe and cause a more dramatic and noticeable issue. Run regular checks on your plumbing lines, especially as your home gets older, so you can catch leaks early before they cause more damage. If you discover damage from a leak that is big or small, Babayan’s water damage restoration experts can get your home looking great again.

Plugged drainage – If your drainage system becomes obstructed, the flow of water may be reversed and end up back in your home. Rain gutter downspouts, blocked sewer lines, and poorly constructed lawn drainage trenches are common causes. Check for cracks or leaks during the summer months and remove debris regularly to limit the chances of a flood.

Environmental causes – Nature can surprise you with flash floods, or overflowing creeks and rivers that can lead to very saturated soil on your property. Check your lawn’s texture and moisture level and be aware of any major changes so that you can get help before problems develop. Babayan’s provide water extraction in Toronto if your basement or other areas of your home becomes flooded.

The best method is prevention, so get leaks fixed immediately and seal any cracks in your foundation to minimize water damage in your home.

Professional Water Damage Restoration in Toronto

Babayan’s provides water damage restoration and water extraction services if you face an unexpected flood or leak. Let our professionals with years of experience take care of any water damage and ensure the moisture isn’t remaining to cause other issues such as mold or mildew.

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