How to Allergy Proof Your Toronto Home

| 03/09/2016

Allergies are a nuisance. Itchy eyes, coughing and sneezing make them one of the most uncomfortable problems to deal with. Luckily, there are ways you can allergy-proof your home, helping you and your family breathe easier. Whether you or your loved ones suffer from allergies or asthma, taking steps for better air quality will help everyone in your home feel their best.

Steps to Make Your Home Allergy and Asthma Proof

There are a few different methods you can use to reduce the presence of allergens in your home. Here are some steps you can take:

  • Steam clean carpets – Vacuuming can only remove so much dirt, dust, and debris from your carpets. To fully remove the particles that become trapped over time and that can be the cause of stuffed noses, hire professionals for rug cleaning or for carpet steam cleaning.
  • Clean your ducts – Having your ducts and furnace cleaned in Toronto by a professional is very important if you are looking to remove allergens from the home since they are responsible for cycling air throughout your home. With cold winters and warm summers, it is not surprising that these ducts collect a lot of debris and should be cleaned to remove particles and allergens that can be re-circulated in your indoor air.
  • Have upholstery and curtains professionally cleaned – Most people take the time to remove dust from visible surfaces, but the particles that rest in furniture and drapes often go forgotten. Hire a professional to clean your upholstery and curtains, especially if they are second-hand. You would be surprised at how much dust and allergens these materials can attract.
  • Take flood restoration seriously – Any water damage in your home creates the opportunity for mold to form. It can be difficult to see and may not be identified for a long time, especially since most flooding occurs in the lower levels of the home. That means your family could be inhaling harmful spores for a long time without knowing the cause or source. If you have a flooding issue, hire professionals to provide flood restoration in Toronto.

Need Help to Clean and Allergy-Proof Your Home in Toronto?
For comprehensive cleaning and restoration services, contact the experts at Babayan’s. We offer a range of cleaning services to improve the air quality in your home. From duct cleaning to carpet steam cleaning and water damage restoration, trust our years of service and experience to make your home allergy-proof.

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