How to Choose the Right Size Area Rug for a Bedroom – Advice from Rug Cleaning and Repair Experts in Toronto

| 18/07/2017

Your room is your private oasis, so you want everything just right. After picking out the furnishings and wall décor, you realize that the room is missing something: an area rug. An area rug can help tie the design together and add warmth to solid flooring. While you know you need an area rug to complete the design, choosing the right size for your room is preventing you from getting the job done. Our team of rug cleaning and repair experts in Toronto has some useful advice for you.

Tips for Picking the Perfect Area Rug Size for Your Bedroom

Whether you are redecorating a master bedroom retreat or just adding colour to your existing bedroom, the size of the rug you add to the space matters. Try to visualize what you want out of your room, and consider the following:

  • Furniture in the Centre: If the furniture in your bedroom is in the centre, it is best if you have all the furniture on the rug. The rug must be big enough so that furniture sits on it without looking cramped, and you will want approximately two to three feet on each side of the bed and just a few inches on the side of furniture along the perimeter.
  • Under the Bed: If your furniture is along a single wall of the bedroom, having the rug emerge from just under the bed can help highlight the centre focus of the room: your bed. The rug should start-up near your head, but not all the way behind the bed, and then extend 12 to 18 inches past the foot.
  • To the Side: For comfort, a small area rug or runner along the side of your bed provides you with softness and comfort without the cost of a large area rug.

Before purchasing your rug, measure where the rug would be placed and use painter’s tape to outline the carpet’s placement. For example, if you have your eyes on a 12-inch square rug, you can lay it out on the floor with tape so that you can gain perspective and better visualize the placement.

Remember Maintenance with Occasional Rug Cleaning in Toronto

Bedroom area rugs do not endure as much foot traffic as those in hallways or general living spaces, but they still are regularly used. After all, you visit your room at least twice per day (to wake up, and at bedtime).

Proper cleaning is critical for your rug to remain vibrant and soft. However, cleaning it yourself in the wrong way could permanently damage the delicate fibres or force the rug to lose its colour. Whether you have a general rug or need Oriental rug cleaning in Toronto, it is best to call a professional.

Babayan’s has been professionally cleaning rugs since 1896. Our team also offers rug repair in Toronto, which allows you to enjoy your rug even after it has been damaged in an accident or from wear.

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