How to Eliminate Strong Odors from Your Rugs After Flood Restoration in Toronto

| 20/11/2017

Whether you have pets or simply own an old rug, your home is bound to pick up a distinct odor over time. Moreover, if your home has recently experienced any kind of water damage, your rugs and carpets are susceptible to mould and mildew. Bacteria left untreated not only contribute to strong odors but can also pose long term risks to your overall health.

Thankfully, there are several remedies to eliminate strong odors from your rugs left by pets, after a flood, due to dirt build-up, or mildew. Maintaining proper cleaning habits will ensure your home is a safe and odor-free environment.

Tips to Keep Your Rugs Odor Free after Water Damage and Restoration

Strong odors can appear in your home from time to time. If you have recently had to call in flood restoration professionals to ensure water extraction from your Toronto home, it is possible that you will still notice some lingering and musty odors. Fortunately, there are a number of easy yet effective methods you can use to keep your home smelling clean and fresh.

Follow these simple tips to eliminate strong odors from your rugs and home:

● Utilize the Sun – Take your rugs outside to dry in the sun. To avoid fading, keep rugs face up for a couple of hours before flipping them over for the rest of the day. Do not leave your rug outside in chilly or humid conditions. The material will absorb moisture in the air and will likely increase your odor problem. If utilized correctly, the sun is a powerful, natural solution to eliminate odor-causing bacteria.

● Maintain a Regular Cleaning Schedule – Vacuuming your home on a regular basis will greatly reduce any odors from your rugs or carpets. Remember to clean your vacuum cleaner bag, since a full bag can contribute to dirty and musty odors. If you have a bagless vacuum cleaner, frequently clean the appliance’s dirt chamber.

● Use Common Household Items – Deodorize your rugs with baking soda, vinegar, or cat litter. These household items will absorb and eliminate odors over time. Vinegar can be sprayed directly to your rug and left to dry. Any smell from the vinegar and your rug will disappear as it dries. You can also sprinkle your rug with baking soda or fresh cat litter and let it act overnight. Vacuum the area and repeat the process if you are dealing with a particularly strong odor. Be sure to only use cat litter if you do not already own a cat!

● Invest in a Dehumidifier – The strong odor in your carpet could be the result of too much moisture in your home remaining even after the flood and water damage restoration project. Humidity is the perfect environment for mould or mildew to grow but you can take away any extra moisture molecules with a dehumidifier.

● Update your Ventilation System – A high functioning ventilation system will help reduce any bad smells in your home. Alternatively, take advantage of sunny and dry weather. For a natural ventilation system, open windows for several hours to circulate fresh air throughout your home and get rid of bad smells.

Choose the Right Toronto Carpet Cleaning Company to Keep Your Rugs Odor Free

A more powerful solution may be required to eliminate strong odors caused by recent water damage. At Babayan’s, we offer water extraction services for your Oriental and Persian rugs in Toronto, in addition to all types of rug and carpet cleaning services.

Our friendly and reliable team can help you protect your investments and completely restore your rugs, to keep your home safe and your family healthy.

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