How to Choose the Right Sized Rug for a Rec-Room or Basement Living Space

| 30/09/2017

Basement living spaces, whether used for rec-rooms or an extra living room, are prone to damp conditions and cooler temperatures. To make the room comfortable, you want a cozy, comfortable rug.

However, choosing the right size rug and the proper fibres is important. This ensures you have a rug that keeps you warm and comfortable but also stands up to the demands of heavy use and a damp environment.

Ideas for Picking the Ideal Rug for Your Basement

Before worrying about colour or size, you need to decide on fibres that are ready to take on the possible moist air of the basement and keep the space warm.

Here are some useful ideas to get you started on your hunt for the perfect rug in Toronto:

  • Avoid Wall-to-Wall Carpeting: Complete coverage carpeting is not ideal for a basement. Instead, you want an area rug on top of a hard surface, such as hardwood or acid etched concrete.
  • Consider Carpet Remnants: If an area rug is out of your budget, a carpet remnant from a local supplier could be the solution. These blocks of carpet come from excess carpeting at a warehouse, so they are sold are great prices but you don’t have to compromise quality.
  • Choose the Right Fibres: The fibres influence your carpet’s performance. Carpeting or rugs made with olefin fibre are resistant and can stand up to aggressive cleansers (including bleach). Synthetic fibres are also an ideal option for basement settings.
  • No Jute Backing: You can add backing or underlayment to your carpeting for durability and moisture protection, but do not use a jute barrier. Instead, stick with artificial barriers on your Persian or Oriental rugs.
  • Sizing: Rug sizing is important to ensure greater comfort and an aesthetic appeal to your room. While you want to shop based on appearance, the right size to suit your space will prevent the room from being cluttered or difficult to clean. Rug sizing should be proportional to the room size with a few inches to spare for breathing room. For example, a 5-foot by 7-foot space works with a rug at 3-foot by 5-foot. Leaving two feet on each side for any sized room is recommended.

Have Your Carpets Regularly Cleaned by a Toronto Carpet Cleaning Company

To ensure your rugs stay in pristine condition and to remove dirt and dander that promote mildew buildup, have your rugs serviced and cleaned by the professionals at Babayan’s. We offer Oriental and Persian rug cleaning in Toronto as well as professional carpet steaming for all types of rugs and carpets.

With more than 100 years of experience, our team can help you preserve the lifespan and beauty of your rug investment. If you need repairs, our team can help repair the delicate fibres of your expensive rug too.

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