How to Keep Carpets Clean While Moving Out

| 14/09/2017

Clean carpets are always welcome but not so easy to achieve. When you rent an apartment, moving out or in and keeping those carpets pristine is one of the more stressful aspects of relocating.

Of course, you want your deposit back; then you must save the carpets and keep them free of dents, damage, and soils. Whether you enlisted the help of professionals or got a few friends to help, be sure your focus is on the carpet condition along with keeping everything right-side-up and packed properly.

5 Innovative Ways to Keep from Paying for Carpet Cleaning in Toronto

Your carpet will be at the top of the inspection list once you move out of your apartment. Now is the time to keep it in perfect condition, regardless of how many people come in and out during the move.

Some ways to protect your carpet and your safety deposit during the move include:

  1. Thoroughly Document Damage Before: Before you move in, note all stains, damage, and other inconsistencies in the carpeting. You should add these to your pre-move in the checklist, which notifies the landlord of issues present before you moved in.
  2. Protect the High Traffic Regions: During your move, protect high-traffic areas like the entryway, hallway, and living areas with paper carpet runs or plastic. Once you move in, request that all guests remove their shoes to avoid dirt embedding itself into the carpet. Self-adhesive carpet film also works and is like plastic wrap.
  3. Have Movers Wear Booties: If you hire professional movers, they usually wear booties over their shoes to protect the rugs. Request that the movers bring those along with them. For friends and family helping with the move, supply protective shoe covers to prevent them from tracking dirt around.
  4. Use Plywood for Heavy Objects: Moving heavy items, like appliances, could damage the floors or rip carpeting. To prevent that, use plywood sheets. Paper and plastic film are too thin and will tear, but plywood holds up to the weight.
  5. Use Furniture Dollies and Sliders: To avoid dragging furniture across the delicate fibres of the carpet, use sliders and dollies to transport them. Make certain the wheels of the dolly are protected with rubber and clean white to avoid streaks of grease along with the rug.

Carpet Cleaning Services in Toronto

Despite your best efforts, it is possible that the carpet still got dirty. Luckily, you have services that can offer professional carpet steam cleaning in Toronto to restore your rental apartment’s carpet back to new.

Babayan’s has been doing professional carpet cleaning and steam touch-ups to rental properties and new homes for over 100 years. Our team can clean up the mess when you are moving in or out so that you preserve your deposit.

To learn more, contact Babayans at 416-751-7676 or Toll-Free 1-888-376-8966 or Contact Babayans for an Estimate