How to Prevent Flood Damage to your Floors During the Winter – Help from Your Flood Restoration Specialists in Toronto

| 17/04/2018

Dealing with an indoor flood in the wintertime can be worse than at any other time of year. Airing out your home in cold weather is less convenient than in other seasons when you can open doors and windows and still be comfortable. Carpets and rugs will take longer to dry when the air is colder and more humid. Since the area may stay damp for a longer period of time, mould could grow and spread throughout the affected space. Once the mould is present, you will need to hire a restoration crew to avoid the health risks of breathing in the dangerous spores.

If you have already experienced a flood and need to correct the damage, Babayan’s is always happy to help. However, we hope that the information below will help to prevent flood damage in your home this winter.

Top 3 Tips for Preventing Flood Damage

You might prevent flood damage in 2 primary ways: First, you can take steps to circumvent the potential for indoor floods. Second, you can protect your home from an inevitable outdoor flood or severe storm.

Here are the top 3 tips for keeping your floors well protected during the winter season:

1. Avoid Plumbing Leaks – Plumbing leaks can be a major cause of damage to floors. Watch and listen to the plumbing and appliances in your home. If the pipes begin to make knocking sounds, or the water heater starts hissing,
or you see water at the bottom of your refrigerator, you should take quick action. Have a professional visit your home and assess the issue. It is much easier and more cost-effective to pay for repairs than to wait too long. If you wait, you could ultimately be forced to make a replacement, and you might also be left to deal with floor damage.

2. Maintenance: The basic components of your home require routine maintenance. Periodically, you should check your roof for damage, clean your gutters, and inspect the walls, doors, and windows for holes and cracks. If your neighborhood experiences a major
storm, your home will be more resistant to floods if you have performed basic maintenance.

3. Do Not Allow Pipes to Freeze – If you have plumbing pipes in the colder areas of your home, such as the basement or attic, the cold water could cause them to freeze. After that happens, they may burst and lead to a flood. To prevent this from happening, you
should insulate the pipes and seal any holes in the area. Another trick for avoiding frozen pipes is to leave the faucets in your home running at a low trickle on particularly cold days.

Flood Restoration and Carpet Cleaning in Toronto

We know you cannot always avoid a flood in your home, but we encourage you to take preventative measures. Dealing with flood damage to your floors is inconvenient, and it can be costly, as well. If you do need flood restoration or carpet cleaning, Babayan’s is a trusted, reputable company that has served the area for over a century.

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