How to Stop Your Furniture from Ruining Your Area Rugs and Carpet in Toronto

| 25/08/2017

Your home’s area rugs and carpeting are an investment. So you want to protect that investment. You clean it regularly, you request your visitors to take off their shoes; but what about your furniture?

The weight of furniture, movement of chairs, and more can lead to significant wear and tear on your rug and carpet fibres. Luckily, there are things you can do to prevent excess damage; and you have options even after the damage is done.

Quick Tips to Prevent Furniture from Damaging Your Rug

To keep your carpeting plush and soft, and your rugs free from tears, there are some tasks to add to your to-do list this weekend. Here are just a few ways you can protect your rugs from furniture damage:

  1. Rotate Furniture Frequently – A crushed pile on carpeting leaves the fibres permanently dented. While most carpets today have crush resistance, fine fibres exposed to substantial weight over time will break down. Try rotating your furniture frequently (such as once a year) to prevent crush damage.
  2. Pad Appropriately – Padding under your area rug or carpeting can improve the lifespan of that piece. To prevent dents, use a thin, firm pad that does not promote denting.
  3. Utilize Carpet Savers – Carpet savers look like coasters, but they are designed for the feet of your furniture. These coasters spread the weight of your furniture evenly on the carpet fibres to prevent denting and crush damage. Put them under heavy items as well as frequently used items like your dining room chairs.
  4. Use an Area Rug – Area rugs are sturdier when it comes to the weight of the furniture. So, use a decorative rug under your sofa to keep it from denting your carpet.

Is the Damage Already Done? You Have Options for Rug Repair in Toronto

Whether you have a tear from an aggressive dining room chair or holes in your area rug due to your pet’s clawed feet on your latest flea market find, you have options. Our experienced Toronto rug repair services can fix everything from water damage to stains and even tears.

For the home, having your carpeting professionally steamed regularly can keep the fibres from crush damage. Also, by having your carpets cleaned, you are forcing yourself to move furniture off the carpet fibres and give them some much-needed rest.

Babayan’s offers our extensive list of services to customers across the GTA. Our team can perform everything from in-home carpet steaming to Oriental rug cleaning in Toronto. We also have professional repair services for the most delicate rugs. With more than 100 years of experience, you can trust our experts to care for your rugs, clean them, and restore them to their original beauty.

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