Is Carpet Cleaning Effective in Winter?

| 30/05/2018

If you have heavy foot traffic in your home, it’s important to periodically steam-clean your carpets at least every 6-12 months. You might be wondering how effective carpet cleaning is during the months of winter. At Babayan’s, we offer our carpet cleaning services year-round.

If you’re thinking of having your carpets cleaned this winter, here are a few things you need to know:

It’s Easier to Schedule an Appointment in Winter
Staying ahead of the crowd is never a bad idea. If you’re planning on having your carpets cleaned, choosing to do it in winter is one of the best decisions you can make. Since most people wait until spring to have their carpets cleaned, you’ll easily be able to schedule an appointment at almost any time you’d like.

It Stays Cleaner for Longer
Think about how you spend your time in the winter: you sit on the couch, you watch TV and, generally, you keep your windows closed. During the spring and summer, open windows let in all different types of pollen, dust, pollutants and other allergens that settle in the fabric of your carpet. So, despite the increased amount of snow tracked into the house during the winter (which isn’t an issue considering you probably won’t be wearing any shoes in the house), your carpet will stay cleaner for longer.

It Doesn’t Take as Long to Dry
Whereas summertime air is full of moisture, during the winter, the air is dry. This allows carpets to dry quicker and more efficiently due to the lower levels of humidity. Our carpet cleaning services in Toronto also use high powered fans to quicken the process of carpet drying and will have you enjoying your clean carpets in no time.

So Why Wouldn’t You Clean Your Carpets in Winter?
We understand that it’s cold out during the winter. We understand that it’s slushy, salty and dirty, but really, when is it not dirty outside? Our steam cleaning machines are mounted to trucks, so obviously some dirt will be tracked inside, but no more than it would during the spring. We know cleanliness is a major concern, but we do our best to keep things as clean and organized as possible; so really, there’s no reason to put it off!

Don’t delay. If you’re looking for carpet cleaning or flood restoration services in Toronto, call us and make an appointment. At Babayan’s, we offer a quality service at a price that’s easy and affordable. Don’t put it off; get your carpets looking as good as new today!

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