Is Your Rug Damaged? Consider Professional Rug Repair

| 20/01/2017

Carpets and throw rugs are not immune to damage. From all of the daily traffic and wear and tear, it is not uncommon to be in need of rug repair at some point. For Oriental or Persian rugs, it is even more important to consider professional repairs, especially when you consider the upfront investment involved or if any of these items happen to be a family heirloom.

Reasons to Repair your Rug Rather than Replace

You may assume that if a rug is damaged, you might as well replace that rug rather than repair it. Most rugs today are made from highly durable materials, so with the right care, you could get a lifetime out of that rug. Just some reasons you should consider repair versus replacement of your rug include:

  • It is Cost-Effective – When you compare the cost of rug repair in Toronto to the cost of replacing a rug, especially high-end rugs, there is no comparison. It is much more cost-effective to repair the rug than replace it. The costs can vary, but even extensive damage to an area of the rug can be repaired for less than the cost to replace it. This is especially true when you are talking about expensive rugs, such as Oriental or Persian varieties.
  • There are Multiple Repair Options – There are numerous ways to repair a rug and plenty of things can be fixed. From dirty or faded colours to small tears and holes, these imperfections can be corrected and blended so that the rug looks as good as new.
  • Restoration is Possible – In addition to rug repair, a fine rug can be fully restored and protected from future damage, allowing you even more time with it.
  • Restore the Value – By having your rug repaired, you bring back its aesthetic appeal as well as its overall value.

Where Can You Get a Rug Repaired?
You may find that there are numerous services that offer rug repair, but you should be cautious about taking your expensive rugs to just anyone. Depending on the style of rug and the extent of the damage, you should seek repair from a local expert. Babayan’s offers rug repair and restoration for throw rugs, Oriental rugs, and even Persian rugs. Our rug repair and carpet cleaning services extend to Mississauga, Vaughan, and surrounding areas. In addition to rug repair, our team also offers professional oriental and Persian rug cleaning services. Our team can help save your family heirlooms.

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