Learning About the Different Persian Rug Types and Regions

| 15/03/2016

Persian rugs are well-known for good reason; they can have a huge impact on the overall look of your home décor and are made with quality and craftsmanship that is tough to beat. Whether you are considering making a new investment in a timeless Persian carpet or would like to learn more about the one you already own, the experts at Babayan’s can help you care for it properly. We provide Persian rug cleaning in Toronto and offer professional repairs to keep your area rug in great condition.

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3 Types of Persian Rugs

If you are looking for the perfect Persian rug for your home or are interested in learning more about them, these are three beautiful types. It is important to treat your rug properly with professional Persian rug cleaning in Toronto. Turn to the experts at Babayan’s for assistance. We are knowledgeable and passionate about cleaning and repairing your Persian and Oriental rugs in Toronto.

  1. Baluch – Baluch rugs are hand-woven in southern Iran by nomadic tribes. They are very traditional and produced for self-expression by the craftsmen who are passionate about continuing their tradition. These rugs are usually a deep burgundy hue with ivory and navy design elements. They are one of a kind creations and typically feature an overall pattern or prayer design.
  2. Bakhtiari – These woven rugs are from west-Central Iran and are woven by villagers and some nomads. They usually feature geometric patterns that incorporate bright colours and crowded designs. Bakhtiari designs come in bright reds, blues, navy, green, ochre, brown and beige colours. The most common types combine square, rectangular, diamond and hexagon areas filled with floral motifs, known as garden designs.
  3. Borchelu – Northwestern Iran’s Kurdish nomadic population produces bright rugs that incorporate elements from nature into their designs. They are completed by nomadic women and their oldest daughters over several months and are also one of a kind productions. Typically burgundy or red, they also incorporate greens, blues, and ivories with gorgeous results.

Get Your Persian Rugs Cleaned in Toronto

Whether you own a Baluch, Bakhtiari, Borchelu rug or another variety of woven Persian rug, don’t risk damaging its beauty with DIY cleaning techniques. Hire professional area rug cleaners in Toronto who are knowledgeable and will use the proper techniques to keep your carpet in great condition.

Learn more about Babayan’s Toronto Persian rug cleaning services by calling our team at 416-751-7676. You can also request an estimate online.

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