Pet Stains: Cleaning Up After Your Pet Has an Accident

| 30/07/2016

Pet ownership is a beautiful and rewarding experience. Accidents in the home are one of the unfortunate aspects of being a pet owner. Luckily, your pet’s urine does not have to become a permanent ‘decoration’ feature in your home. Babayan’s has more than 100 years of experience providing carpet cleaning in Toronto. We have seen all kinds of pet stains and we know the most effective techniques to clean your particular area rug.

Why Cleaning Your Carpet’s Pet Stains Professionally Is Important

Don’t let your pet stains sit and become worse. Here are a few reasons pet urine should be handled by a professional:

  • Mystery – You may not even know an accident has happened in your home. Sometimes animal urine has no odour and you may only discover the pet stain when you end up with a wet sock or notice a spot on your carpet months down the line. If the stain has been left to dry and become permanent, take your rug to a professional Mississauga carpet cleaner.
  • Smell – In other cases, your pet’s urine or feces may have a very strong scent that can overtake your entire home. The smell can be extremely tough to get rid of and may resist the attempts of at-home products and detergents. Before you give up on salvaging the rug, take it to the professional area rug cleaners who have special techniques and products that are designed to keep your carpet safe while eliminating even the most stubborn odours.
  • Inhalation – You may not be aware that inhaling pet urine can be risky for your health. Pet urine often contains ammonia, which can cause a variety of health problems. Migraines, weakened immune systems, asthma, allergies, and eye or skin irritation can develop if you or your loved ones are exposed to ammonia. Even if your first attempt at cleaning the stain left no colour behind, ammonia may still be present.

Contact Professional Carpet Cleaners in Toronto

Babayan’s has 115 years of experience and we use the latest cleaning techniques. Our strong understanding of different carpet types and stains, allow us to tackle your pet stains and other carpet stains with ease. Contact us for fast and affordable services. Whether you need carpet stain removal, Persian rug repairs, or have other needs for your carpets, we can get your rug as clean as new and looking its best.

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