Prevent Carpet Shrinkage with Tips from Your Trusted Toronto Rug Cleaners in Toronto & the GTA

| 04/08/2016

We have all had a sweater that comes out clean but a few sizes smaller than when it entered the laundry machine. But what happens when your carpet shrinks after being washed?

Unfortunately, it is very difficult to return a carpet that has shrunk to its former state and size, so avoiding this common mistake in the first place is crucial. Don’t take any chances and rely on the experts at Babayan’s to properly and thoroughly clean your carpet in Toronto. We provide rug cleaning and professional repairs to keep your carpets and Persian rugs looking great.

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Understanding and Avoiding Carpet Shrinkage

If your carpet or rug is in need of a cleaning but you are apprehensive about it shrinking, rest assured that this can be avoided. Rely on our team for your needs, from repairs to carpet steam cleaning in Toronto. Read the following tips to understand more about how to properly care for your carpet and keep it at its current size:

  1. Causes of carpet shrinkage – There are a number of common ways that carpets usually end up shrinking. The cleaning water may have been too hot when it was washed. Hot water is great for killing bacteria and eliminating dirt, but it can also backfire by causing fibers to shrink. Natural fibers are also prone to shrinking. Inexperienced carpet cleaners may treat them like synthetic carpets, causing the fibers to contract and tighten. Excess soaking is another common cause. In an effort to remove deep stains, extended soaking may be attempted at the risk of shrinking the carpet and causing further damage.
  2. Carpet Shrinkage Solutions – Sometimes you can salvage a shrunken carpet by adding extra strips to either end. This will depend on the pattern, weave and material of the rug, as well as the degree of shrinking. Some materials may react well to being re-stretched, although some may become misshapen through this process and it simply won’t work for others.
  3. Prevent Carpet Shrinkage – The best way to avoid having a carpet shrink is to hire professional carpet cleaners in Mississauga. Babayan’s has been cleaning carpets with attention and care for 115 years. Our team is dedicated to keeping your rugs and carpets beautiful, and we are trained to take special care when determining the optimal cleaning process for your rug. Whether it is carpet steam cleaning or an alternative cleaning system, we offer a range of services and will ensure your rug is thoroughly cleaned with the proper technique.

Get Your Carpet Cleaned by Professionals in Toronto

Don’t risk damaging your rug with inexperienced cleaners or DIY cleaning techniques. Babayan’s has been cleaning carpets for more than a century and can get your carpet spotless without changing its size! Avoid carpet shrinkage by contacting our knowledgeable staff today to schedule your professional area rug cleaning in Etobicoke.

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