Properly Cleaning Your Area Rug: A Cautionary Tale

| 10/02/2016

Maybe your rug was passed down from your grandmother or acquired from an antique show. Perhaps you purchased it from a regular store but loved it immediately, and it has brought comfort and style to your home ever since.

No matter how you acquired your rug, Babayan’s knows it’s important to you – and that you don’t want to treat it like regular carpet.

It’s true; your antique, treasured area rug is not like regular carpeting. That’s why it’s a bad idea to have traditional carpet cleaners clean your rug in the way they’re accustomed. The harsh chemical treatments they use may harm the color and weaken the fabric of your rug, perhaps damaging it forever.

Babayan’s carpet cleaning process gives your rug exactly what it needs:

  • Beat/Dust: We remove soil, dust, and particles from the rug.
  • Soak: We wash the rug by hand with gentle mechanical brushing.
  • Rinse: We rinse your rug with 2000 gallons of clean water per hour.
  • Wring: Your rug is fed through a wringer to squeeze out all the water.
  • Dry: Your rug is hung to dry in a controlled environment.

As you can see, this process requires the utmost care and attention. Don’t damage your treasured rug by using traditional carpet cleaning methods. Call Babayan’s at 416-751-7676 today. If you live in Mississauga, North York, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, or Etobicoke, have your rug picked up and delivered to you free of charge!

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