Rug and Carpet Trends for 2015

| 01/10/2015

It’s that time of year again: another Canadian winter has set in and another New Year is upon us. With the prospect of a new year and a few months of frigid temperatures keeping you inside, now is the perfect time to revamp your interior design. If you’re looking to add warmth and a touch of style to your home or business, look no further than rugs and carpets. Whereas society once saw soft furnishings as outdated, they are making a big comeback in the interior design world. Last year we discussed the hottest home design trends for 2014. This year, we want to focus on the hottest rug and carpet trends for 2015.

Continue reading to discover the material, design, and colour trends you can incorporate into your design this year.

Material Trends

Once upon a time, shag carpet was just about your only option if you wanted to cover your floor in soft furnishings. Now, rug and carpet manufacturers produce soft furnishings in a vast array of materials. Here are just three materials that are sure to be popular this year:

  • Cut-and-Loop Carpet: If you’re tired of one-tone carpet, cut-and-loop carpet is perfect for you. Manufacturers use a weaving technique that combines loop piles and cut piles to produce patterned carpets and rugs. This technique creates geometric and abstract patterns. Cut-and-loop carpet provides a similar texture to other carpets but offers endless design possibilities.
  • Natural Wool: The “go green” movement is stronger than ever. If you want to incorporate “green” elements into your home design, choose natural wool carpets or rugs. Not only is natural wool great for the environment, it’s also friendly to anyone who suffers from dust allergies.
  • Nylon Yarn: Nylon fibre has remained a popular carpet choice for decades. Not only is it durable and easy to clean, but it’s also kind to the environment. Furthermore, designers use nylon as their go-to material to create rustic and distressed designs. If you want the look of natural fibre, choose nylon carpets or rugs.

Design Trends

Whereas rugs and carpet were once something of an afterthought in a room, many homeowners are now using them as a room’s focal point. Keep the following trends in mind as you look for the right floor treatment.

  • Organic Modernism: This design trend emphasizes organic shapes, minimalism, and irregularity. If you’re interested in the organic modernism trend, look for rugs and carpets made from natural textiles. Also, be on the lookout for designs that give a nod to nature with flowing lines and shapes.
  • Two-Tone Designs: The days of one-tone floor treatments are over. Tone-on-tone rugs are increasing in popularity in both commercial and residential interior design. The mix of colours and tones adds visual and textural interest to a room. In turn, this increases a room’s versatility and appeal. Choose a two-tone rug in a multidimensional or multipurpose room.
  • Linear Shapes: Chevron patterns and other stark angles were all the rage in 2014. This year, look for more fluid patterns. This trend piggybacks off of the organic modernism movement, celebrating essentialism and non-conformity. Here are a few linear designs to look for this year:
    • Rugs with slanted lines add movement and visual interest to your floor. Because the lines aren’t perfectly vertical or horizontal, this pattern gives a unique flair to any room.
    • Carpets with diamond patterns are eclectic, yet you can use them in almost any design scheme. Their simple lines provide structure, while their shape lends an air of creativity to a design scheme.

Colour Trends

Perhaps the most difficult step in any design process is determining a colour palette. Colour conveys feeling and meaning, unlike any other design element. Use the following colour trends to bring your interior design to life.

  • Blues and teals: Rugs and carpets in blue tones are both bold and sophisticated. They also lend a natural air to any room, since blue is reminiscent of the sky and water. Whether you choose calypso blue or a light teal, you can’t go wrong with blue.
  • Orange, coral, and pink tones: If you want to add an optimistic or exotic touch to your interior design, choose an orange or pink floor treatment. These colours complement any design style and also balance out any neutral shade.
  • Green shades: Fresh green shades like emerald, lime, and moss are sure to be popular in 2015. Green tones also allude to nature and often provide a relaxed feeling in interior design.
  • Grey and taupe: It’s almost impossible to go wrong when you incorporate neutral colours in a design scheme. But when you do, skip the shades of cream and white. Grey and taupe are the new neutrals of choice, thanks to their versatility. They work well alone and with almost any colour.

Maintenance Trends

While design and colour trends will continually evolve, the need to care for and maintain rugs and carpets is here to stay. Whatever your design preferences, make sure you take proper steps to care for your rugs and carpets. Contact a rug and carpet cleaning service to learn more about keeping your flooring in great shape.

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