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Babayan’s has been effectively cleaning area rugs in Toronto and the GTA for over 120 years, with a custom rug cleaning procedure that is far superior to our competition. Babayan’s Toronto rug cleaning plant and drying tower are capable of cleaning even the largest loose area rugs or carpets. Our rug cleaning facility has all the right equipment to dust, wash, dry and package you rugs ready for delivery or for pickup.

Babayan’s Custom Rug Cleaning Procedure at Our Toronto Plant

We have been perfecting our area rug cleaning procedure over the past century and are proud to say that we have been successful in cleaning even the most soiled area rugs! We understand that Oriental rug cleaning and Persian rug cleaning requires the utmost care. Even after over 120 years in the business, our professional staff treats each individual handmade rug, whether an oriental rug, Persian rug, or not, with the same care we did back in 1896. We never leave behind muddy residue in your carpets or any kind of solid debris. Below you’ll find our time tested methods for getting your carpet or area rug cleaned. Watch the videos below and see for yourself!

Stages of the Rug Cleaning Process

Inspection Procedure

1. Rug Inspection

All carpets, rugs, Persian rugs, and Oriental rugs are measured and carefully inspected. A detailed report is then provided to you.

Beater/Duster Process

2. Beater / Duster

After measurements and a brief inspection, the rug is removed of any loose soil, dust, or other particles that could contain bacteria or mold.

Power Wash Procedure

3. Power Washing the Rugs

Your area rugs are power washed with pH balanced detergent and lukewarm water. We never use recycled water in the rug cleaning process. It is always fresh water to reduce the amount of particle transfer when washing rug fibers.

Wash Procedure

4. Wash & Rinsing the Rugs

Your carpet or rug is rinsed with approximately 2000 gallons of clean fresh water per hour to eliminate soap residue, dirt, and soil. This process also helps reduce ALLERGY symptoms.

The carpet or rug is fed through a massive wringer at 140 psi to squeeze out all the water. At this point another inspection takes place. If we aren’t satisfied with the results we repeat steps 2-4 at no extra cost to you!

Drying Room

5. Drying Room

In the drying room, your area rug is raised 40 feet above and spends 8 hours drying before coming down for an inspection. Our large drying room can dry approximately 300 to 350 different sized carpets at one time. Our drying room is temperature and humidity controlled to protect your valued Oriental and Persian rugs from damage.

After Drying Inspection

6. After Drying Rug Inspection

When the rugs are brought down after drying, they head to our inspection table for a thorough visual inspection. If the rugs meet our expectations, we prepare them with a special plastic wrapping and head to storage where they will later be delivered or picked up by the customer. Rugs that do not meet our expectations are sent to our 2nd drying room for additional touch ups.

Touch Up & 2nd Drying Room

7. Touch Up & 2nd Drying Room

For rugs that need that “extra touch,” we individually treat by hand. We hang these rugs in our 2nd drying room where they are air dried at room temperature. Once dry, we vacuum and prepare the rugs for storage. All rugs are stored in our temperature controlled storage room where they are ready to be picked up or delivered.

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