Should you apply a protector after your upholstery cleaning?

| 15/01/2019

When you invest a significant amount of money into your carpets and furniture, it makes sense to take good care of them. By protecting your carpets and upholstered furniture, you’ll be able to preserve their quality and enjoy them year after year. But does upholstery protector really work, and is it worth the cost? Find out more below.

How do upholstery protectors work?

Upholstery protector is a high-quality, professional stain repellent that creates an invisible barrier over the fibres of your carpet or upholstery, shielding them from spills and stains. Protector is typically applied after upholstery cleaning in a fine mist. When an upholstery protector is applied to your carpet or upholstery, it becomes very difficult for any spilled liquid to penetrate the fibres and leave a stain.

How much do they cost?
Carpet and upholstery protector is a surprisingly low-cost way to prolong the life of your carpets, rugs and upholstered furnishings. But like many things, pricing varies widely from one company to the next, and largely depends on the quality of the protector being applied. For high-quality and professional carpet and upholstery protection, contact Babayans Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning for a free estimate.

How long will it last?
For the best results, apply upholstery protector at least once or twice a year, and after every carpet, rug or upholstery cleaning. How long the protector is effective depends on a number of factors including the type of material, the amount of traffic or use, the frequency of vacuuming, and the strength and quality of the protector applied.

What are the biggest benefits?
Stain resistance is the most immediate benefit of applying a protector to your carpet or upholstery, but protectors also help prevent damage from the normal wear and tear that comes with everyday use. Because protected fibres are less resistant to damage and staining, this can greatly expand the lifespan of whatever you choose to treat. And the great thing is that it can be applied to carpets, rugs, mattresses, furniture—virtually any upholstered materials in your home.

By preventing stains, reducing the impact of everyday wear and tear and prolonging the life of your carpet and upholstery, you’ll avoid having to replace your items prematurely. Babayan’s Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning has been proudly serving Toronto and the surrounding area since 1896. For friendly and professional carpet, rug, upholstery, and duct and furnace cleaning, you can count on Babayans. Contact us today to learn more about our services or to schedule a cleaning.

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