Signs of Rug Damage and What to Do About Them

| 16/10/2016

Your Oriental rug is a priceless treasure in your home. That’s why it can be so alarming when something occurs that could damage it. This damage could come from an accident, natural elements, or even just normal wear and tear.

Here’s how to recognize common signs of damage and what you can do about them.

Water Damage

If the rug gets wet without being dried, the water can leak in to weaken or even rot the rug’s foundation. To avoid this, make sure not to place potted plants on the rug or place it below ground level. When you do see water damage, have the rug cleaned and dried as soon as possible.

Moth Damage

It’s never a good day when a moth lays hundreds of eggs in your beautiful rug. You may notice debris, webs, or bare spots in the rug. To avoid this, keep your rug in an open area and vacuum it frequently. If moths do overtake your rug, vacuum the entire rug. Do not use moth balls, flakes, or crystals, which will not kill the larvae and will leave an unpleasant odor. Instead, you may use a non-staining insecticide. Make sure the insecticide you choose is safe to use in your house and does not damage the rug.

Pet Damage

If your pet has been chewing or scratching on your rug or if they have had an accident, try sprinkling moth flakes around the edge to keep them away. Depending on the kind of rug, an enzyme treatment may help as it is a solution that helps with the removal of odors, along with professional cleaning.

Sun Damage

In some cases, UV rays can cause your rug to fade. Keep the rug out of direct sunlight and turn the rug each year to avoid change on just one side.

Chemical Damage

Chlorine-based bleach can weaken natural fibre.

Vacuum Damage

While vacuuming is good for your rug, power brushes can shred fringes and wear down your rug. So, when you vacuum, take out the power brush. As well, vacuum with the pile as it won’t fray the fibres.

To prevent any of these types of damage from happening, remember to vacuum your rug frequently and keep it away from the sun and water. Most importantly, make sure it gets cleaned by a professional when needed.

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