How Experts Repair Damaged Rugs

| 22/08/2016

Just like any appliance, fixture or decoration in your home, rugs and carpets require cleaning and maintenance or repairs from time to time. With intricate weaving and beautiful designs, you will want to ensure your rug is repaired by professionals who can safely and quickly restore your investment to its former beauty. Whether you need help with stubborn carpet stain removal in Toronto, rug reweaving, fringe repair, or help with unsightly dye bleeding, turn to professional rug repair experts to get the job done right.

rug repair experts

What to Expect from Professional Antique Rug Repair

If you have a rug that is in need of major repair or simply needs to be refreshed, the rug repair experts at Babayan’s can help. Here’s what you can expect from some of our most popular services:

  • Fringe repair – Our team of experts is familiar with a range of fringe or tassels on handmade rugs. Whether you require a quick refresh to prevent damage in the future or your carpet fringe has been worn, damaged or rotted, we can help. Fringe can be damaged by pets, vacuuming, general wear and tear or aggressive whitening cleaners. If you notice any pulls or unraveling, bring your carpet in for securing, which will prevent further damage and save you money down the road. If damage has progressed further, you may opt to have a few rows of knots removed to even out the edge of the carpet before securing the fringe. If your carpet is very valuable or you prefer not to remove knots, you may also have a new fringe woven into the rug. This involves intricate work and is more expensive, but promises beautiful results.
  • Rug reweaving – Rugs that have been damaged or disintegrated may have missing or worn areas that could benefit from reweaving. Most reweaving is required for holes, burns, unraveled ends, rips, or damage caused by extensive wear. This process is very detailed and requires trained craftsmen to replicate the weave and design of your rug. The cost and time required will depend on the fibers and design of your rug, which will be carefully matched so that the section that has been rewoven is not obvious.
  • Colour bleeding restoration – Dye bleeding in Persian or Oriental rugs may occur due to water exposure, untested cleaning, excess dye from manufacturing, high heat or in-home cleaning. If you see dye bleed, take your Persian or Oriental rug for professional rug cleaning in Toronto to try and fix the issue, though you should keep in mind that colour running is very difficult to fully reverse. Natural fiber rugs should be washed, not cleaned in the home.

Call the Professionals for Toronto Carpet Repair

Don’t take chances with the rugs in your home. If you face stains, fringe damage, or an unsightly slit in your carpet, the rug repair professionals and carpet cleaning experts at Babayan’s can help get your carpet back to its original beauty.

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