Spring Cleaning: Get Your Home in Top Gear!

| 27/03/2017

Spring means budding trees, blooming flowers and warmer temperatures. As you turn the heat down and open the windows to air out your home, it’s easy to see why spring has become known for inspiring cleaning. After months spent indoors, renewing your space with a good scrub seems like a natural step as the world comes alive after a long period of hibernation. If you haven’t caught the cleaning bug or just want some assistance to get the job done, you can seek experienced and professional services from the team at Babayan’s.

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Hire Babayan’s for Your Spring Cleaning

If you are interested in having your home thoroughly cleaned to start spring on the right note, Babayan’s can get the job done. We offer the following services to keep your home clean and comfortable:

  • Rug cleaning – Our team has years of experience cleaning and repairing your rugs and carpets in Mississauga. From precious family heirlooms, Oriental rugs, or wall-to-wall carpeting, we are equipped to properly clean your carpets. We take special care with our professional rug cleaning in Toronto using the right products and techniques to get your rugs spotless and looking their best. Have you been putting off a rug repair task? Don’t wait any longer! We can also fix fringes, repair woven carpets, and finally allow you to enjoy your carpet in its fully-restored glory.
  • Upholstery cleaning – Many people ignore their furniture and upholstery unless there is a spill or unsightly stain. Your upholstery can hold onto a lot of dust and debris though, even if it is not visible. Our team will thoroughly clean your upholstered furniture, so you aren’t unwittingly sitting on a dirty couch. Don’t risk bleaching or damaging your furniture. Instead, rely on our experts to use the proper techniques for the specific fabric.
  • Furnace and duct cleaning – The air quality in your home may be suffering from a buildup of dust, debris and allergens in your furnace and duct systems. Let your whole family breathe easier this spring and reduce your seasonal allergies by getting professional furnace and duct cleaning in Toronto. The fast and efficient team at Babayan’s will get your furnace and ducts looking like new.

Call the Professionals for Toronto Carpet Cleaning

Let us help with your spring cleaning. From your rugs to carpets to couches and other pieces of furniture, our team is dedicated to getting your house looking great and feeling clean for the new season. Improve the air quality in your home and get your carpets and furniture looking like new. Get a fresh start this spring with Babayan’s professional cleaning services.

To learn more, contact Babayans at 416-751-7676 or Toll-Free 1-888-376-8966 or Contact Babayans for an Estimate