Area Rug Cleaning FAQs Videos

Babayan’s Rug Cleaning FAQs Videos

This FAQs video gallery is dedicated to answering you rug cleaning FAQs including giving you more information about our rug cleaning process, how Babayan’s removes rug stains, what is the rug cleaning cost, Babayan’s pick and delivery services and more of your rug cleaning frequently asked questions. Babayan’s wants to be transparent about how we clean your rugs and what materials we use to do it. Also, you might not know about some of the extra services Babayan’s offers and you can find out more information in these videos.

If you have a question that is not answered here in these FAQs videos, feel free to contact us and we will answer all of your rug cleaning and repair questions.


How does Babayan’s Remove Area Rug Stains?


Babayan’s rug cleaning experts use the most rug friendly and eco friendly materials to remove rug stains. Our staff has a conversation with all of our customers about how our rug cleaning team will address the current rug stains and the risks of treating the stains.  This FAQ dives deeper into our stain removal process and how we work the stains till they are gone. You can check out our rug stain removal page for more info.


What kind of Rug Repairs does Babayan’s offer?


Babayan’s offer a wide range of rug repairs and rug restoration options whether you have a machine made rug, handmade rug or even a synthetic rug. From colour correction, to fringe replacement, our rug repairs team can make your rug look like it was brand new. This FAQ video talks about some of the major rug repairs we offer and you can visit our rug repair page for more info.

How much does it Cost to Clean my Rugs?


Rug cleaning costs are a factor in a rug owner’s decision to have their rugs cleaned. With our rug cleaning facility, we are able to offer great rug cleaning costs for our customers no matter whether your rug is a handmade rug or a machine made rug. This will change the price slightly as well as a number of factors that we will mention in this FAQ video that determines your final price for your rug cleaning. If you have a rug that needs to be cleaned and want to get an estimate? Head over to our rug cleaning estimator to get an approximate estimate based on your rug’s size and rug material.


How do I know what Type of Rug I have?


Knowing the type of rug that you own and the rug materials it is made of is important. Some rugs are machine made and other rugs are handmade made and they all are made with different materials that range from silk, wool, or cotton to even leather, hide or sheep skin. This FAQ video will give you ways you can identify what kind of rug you have and Babayan’s staff can further assist you with identifying what kind of rug you have. Check out our rug cleaning gallery to see more examples of different rug types to see what they look like.


How do I Schedule my Pickup and Delivery for my Rugs?


Not many people know that Babayan’s offers full pickup and delivery services for all your rugs and carpets. It’s a service that we pride ourselves on offering and we have delivery routes all over Southern Ontario. This FAQ video will show you how to schedule your pick and delivery dates for your rugs as well how you can include special instructions for our delivery drivers.


What other Cleaning Services does Babayan’s Offer?


Did you know that Babayan’s offers other services like In Home Carpet Cleaning, Furniture Cleaning or Draperies Cleaning? This FAQ video will outline the other types of cleaning service that we offer and how Babayan’s can be your all in one cleaning company for everything in your home. Check out our services page for more information on any cleaning service you see in the video.