Why You Should Do Your Cleaning in the Winter – Helpful Information from Your Trusted Carpet Cleaning Service in Toronto

| 23/07/2018

Most people perform the bulk of their major home maintenance tasks in the spring. The air is warmer, you can open the windows, and you have more sunlight while you work. While many home upkeep duties may well be performed best in the spring, you may want to consider the wintertime for carpet steam cleaning and rug cleaning in your Toronto home.

Although scheduling this visit in the winter may seem counter-intuitive, there are a few very good reasons behind this suggestion. At Babayan’s, one of our chief objectives is to help customers make the most of their floor covers. Booking professional visits strategically is one aspect of this process.

Reasons It Makes Sense to Do Winter Carpet Cleaning in Your Toronto Home

By getting your rugs and carpeting cleaned in the winter, you may benefit in several ways. The following are a few of the most compelling reasons for doing this:

· Household Health – In the coldest months, people tend to spend more time indoors than in any other season. This can lead to a considerable accumulation of dust, dust mites, dander, and other indoor allergens. When you consistently breathe in these allergy-inducers, you may be more prone to sneezing, coughing, watery eyes, and asthma attacks. This kind of environment may even lower your immunity to viruses and other illnesses. Keeping your floor covers clean could greatly reduce your chances of feeling sick throughout the winter.

· Outdoor Substances – Another common problem in the winter is the amount of outdoor dirt that may invade your space. Wet weather conditions allow more mud to enter your home, and that mud can permeate the fabric of your rugs. People and pets may also track in salt that has been sprinkled on ice and snow, and this may damage your carpeting further.

· Holiday Celebrations – The fall and winter holidays lead to more indoor celebrations than at other times of the year. Consequently, your floors will sustain more spills, as well as see more soil tracked in from the outdoors. Once the holidays are over, you may want to address the damage in January or February. Another seasonal tip: If your floors are particularly dirty in the late fall, a cleaning visit before the holiday season will make your home look more presentable when you entertain guests.

· Faster Drying Periods – Spring can be a humid time, which means it may take longer for your floors to dry after being steam cleaned. Since the air is generally drier in the winter, your carpets could actually dry faster than in the springtime. Additionally, your indoor heating system will help to speed up the drying process.

· Quicker Service – The competition to secure professional services can be fierce in the springtime. You may avoid this hassle by scheduling your service calls months ahead of schedule. When many people are trying to book spring rug cleaning appointments, you will be able to relax because your carpets were managed before the peak season.

Booking routine maintenance work on your floor coverings is vital to their longevity. No matter what time of year you choose carpet and rug cleaning for your home in Toronto, Babayan’s welcomes your business.

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