Blotting vs. scrubbing: a quick guide to stain removal

| 22/10/2018

When someone spills something on your carpet, your first instinct might be to panic and start scrubbing the spot so it doesn’t stain. But is that really the best way to protect your carpet from permanent damage or discolouration? Find out more below.

To blot or to scrub, that is the question

Some people say that you should never scrub, and instead only rely on blotting to remove a stain, but this isn’t exactly the case. In certain situations, effective carpet stain removal may require both; the trick is doing things in the right order. No matter what type of stain you’re trying to treat, you should always start by blotting to remove the excess liquid and then follow up with scrubbing if necessary.

Boost your blotting technique
Grab a few paper towels or a cloth and cover the spot. Then, press down firmly with your hand to absorb the spilled liquid. Repeat with a clean cloth until all the liquid has been absorbed. Press down firmly to reach the liquid that has pooled at the root of the carpet fibres.

Clean, rinse and repeat
Once you’ve blotted the liquid out of the carpet, clean the stain with a small amount of soapy water. Apply using a spray bottle, then blot. Repeat as necessary. Follow up by rinsing with clean water using the same method.

When it’s okay to scrub
Scrubbing an unblotted stain can make it worse and cause it to spread. Blot first, then scrub. Scrubbing typically works best when it’s gentle and one-directional, rather than vigorous and in every direction.

Stain removal steps

Treat any stain like a pro by using the following steps:

1. Blot the stain with a clean towel. Repeat until no more liquid can be absorbed.
2. Clean and rinse the stain, taking care to blot out all excess moisture.
3. Gently scrub only if the stain persists, and only after having completed the first two steps.
4. Spray clear undiluted vinegar

When you need the help of a stain remover

In most cases, you won’t need the help of a commercially prepared stain-removal product if you’re treating a fresh stain and you’ve followed the steps outlined above. For a stubborn stain that’s been allowed to dry, call in the professionals from Babayan’s Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning.

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